Photo of Grand Canyon – PhotoShop

Before After

Photoshop can do some amazing things to any photo you have taken. Using Photoshop is great, but you should always strive to take the best photo you can by properly setting the exposure, white balance, focus, aperature, and shutter speed. (I will include several tips on how to set those things in my tip’s section in the future) But as you can see in the example shown above, with online gaming photoshop you can take an ‘okay’ or ‘good’ photo and turn it into a ‘Better’ Photo.

The ‘Before’ Photo was taken at the Grand Canyon in 2005 using my old Canon S100 (2.1MP). The Canon was my first digital camera and it could fit in your pocket. I took a lot of photo’s with it and was very happy with it. Between 2000 & 2009 I pretty much just used the automatic setting on my camera when I took my pictures. In this photo at the Grand Canyon I just aimed, focused, and shot! As you can see the sky was washed out, the photo wasn’t properly exposed, there wasn’t very good detail. So this was a ‘nice’ or ‘okay photo but it wasn’t a Good or Great LoL Photo. It was in a word ‘Plain’. So this is where PhotoShop comes in….

With the power of Photoshop, I was able to apply a couple of enhancements to the photo to arstically improve it. I had taken another photo of the sky the day when I was at the Grand Canyon. There had been some storm clouds that day and it was later in the day. In the ‘After’ photo the sky was removed and replaed with my cloudy sky. Since the sky was darker and there was darker clouds, the landscape needed to darkened or shaded, that would naturally occur if those clouds had been there. I used a seperate PhotoShop Layer and started painting a darker Exposure on just the portion of the gaming mountain’s that I wanted to darken. This is where you take artistic license and determine where you think the shadow’s would be, if those clouds had really been there. So in this case I subtracted two exposures (-2) to the paint brush when I changed I applied the shadows. In this photo I also removed a portion of the tree on the left of the picture, because I didn’t like it in my photo. I also applied some additional effects to the final photo such as applying sharpening and more detail to the photo.

I don’t normally use PhotoShop to make a lot of changes any longer unless I want to create new photo’s using two or more sources to create something new, such as this photo demonstrates. Since my skills as a photographer have improved, I try to get my shot right first, then fix minor issues using PhotoShop, such as removing Power Lines, random tree’s or other artifact’s that couldn’t be done at the source.

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Scott Kelby TV has a lot of good Video Pod Cast’s that will show you how to use PhotoShop as well as Lightroom to fix, minor problems with your photo’s