New Manfrotto Tripod and Manfrotto Ball Head

The UPS guy deliver my new Manfrotto Tripod (190XPROB) and Manfrotto Ball Head (496RC2) from B&N Photography today. I took it outside a few minutes ago to try it out. All I can say is wow!!!! It is so much better than the $49.99 SunPak 6200DX Tripod I bought at Best Buy April 2010. Don’t get me wrong the tripod I bought at Best Buy tripod was nice when I got it. The only issue I had with it was how long it took to adjust it. There were so many lever and arms and knobs to spin it, move it up or down or adjust the angle. Also the camera even after locked in, there was some minimal movement. I just never realized how much I didn’t like the Tripod until I started having to do a lot of adjustments when I began doing Portrait photography.

The Manfrotto Ball Head matched to this tripod is in one word ‘amazing’. You only have to use one knob to lock or unlock the ball head and you have full 360 degree motion and can move the camera to 90 degree’s down, up, to the left or to the right or just about any angle. Once the head is locked down the camera DOES NOT Move. There is no worry about the weight of the Lens slowly moving the camera down, that darn Gravity keeps fighting even the photographer. Well I don’t have to worry anylonger.

I have had my share of ruined photo’s because I was taking a long exposure out doors and there was just a little to much wind, that caused the camera to move and take my great shot and cause it to be blurry. I don’t think I will have to worry about that any longer with my new Tripod from Manfrotto. I read a lot of reviews, and Scott Kelby had recommended this Tripod and I have found that Scott’s recommendation’s are great advice to follow. I have had the pleasure to read four of his books and they have diffently improved my Photography skills.

I purchased the new Tripod and Ball head at B&N Photo for under $200 including shipping. So it might seem a little pricey compared to my old $50 tripod, but it is of very high quality and workmanship. It should last many, many years! And is still much cheaper than many of the professional Tripods. I would say this is on the low end of the Professional market, but for an advanced amateur, I highly recommend it!