Spring Photos – Using a Gold Reflecter

These Photos were taken using a Gold Reflector to highlight the Subjects faces to fill in the shadows and provide natural Sunlight.

In these photo’s you can see the skin with a bronze effect that makes the subject look much warm, but not washed out!

In this photo you can compare the effect the Gold Reflector has on two different Skin tones and how it brightens both of the girls faces!

Beautiful photo, the sun was high in the sky over her left shoulder, so it provided natural light on her shoulder and highlighted her hair.

In this photo the Gold Reflector is off to about a 45 degree angle low beneath his waist, but it brightens his face and helps provide depth with the shadows that are soft but distinctive.

Very beautiful model, she loves the camera and the Gold Reflector brightens up her face and the sun fills in all shadows coming from the other direction.

These rest of these photos were taken under shade provide by tree’s along a Stream. ┬áThe Gold reflector was about 10 feet away, but brighten up her entire body.

Even with multiple subjects in these photo’s, everyone is highlighted from the reflector because it is still about 10 feet away.