Easter Roses

I took some pictures of Roses my wife purchased for Easter.  I decided to take most of my photos with no external lighting, just using long exposure times.  A little bit of Lightroom editing to resolve some White balance issues with a long exposure, brought out colors to the flowers that were close to the original White Rose!  Once of the photo’s uses an external Flash Light showing through a Blue Tequila Bottle I had in the Kitchen to give a blue tint to the light!  Playing with external light and using colored glass, gel’s, or anything else you have around can make for some amazing photography!  It is always fun to explore photography using different lighting.

I believe for this photo shoot, I took about 85 different photo’s with different lighting, exposure time’s, colors, etc. before I selected the best 5 photo’s!

  • Easter Roses
  • Easter Roses-2
  • Easter Roses-3
  • Easter Roses-4
  • Easter Roses-5