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How to take better photos with your DSLR Camera

I’ve been asked, “Dave, How did you learn photography?”  or “Dave, How did you learn to take such great pictures?”  It is such a difficult question to answer, because it isn’t something you learn over night or even in a few days.  To be honest with you, I learned photography by trial and error.  I tried a lot of things and made a lot of errors.  I even put the camera down and said “I quit!”  Then I came back and tried some more and made some more errors.  Then I started read books, watch YouTube Videos and read Blog posts from other photographers.

Fixing a WB mistake while replacing a background

A gallery: Round Rock – Background Blending

Sailing through Pugent Sound from Seattle – Stop Motion Video

We recently traveled to Seattle, WA and boarded the Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship en-route to Alaska.  I mounted my Nikon D90 DSLR Camera to the front of the boat and took a photo every 5 seconds.  I then used iMovie to render this into a stop motion video that took 3 hours of 5 second photos and created a 3 1/3 minute video.  Using iMovie I could only do 10 frames per second.  I will render a 30 fames per second video with different Movie software and upload soon.

Seattle through Pugent Sound – Stop Motion Video



Gallery: Bella Portraits

A gallery: Bella Portraits

Gallery: Jillian Multiple Images in same photo

A gallery: Jillian Walking

Gallery: Living Room – HDR

A gallery: Living Room – HDR

Gallery: Mexican Feather Grass

Mexican Fea

  • wpid-Mexican-Fether-Grass-1.jpg
  • wpid-Mexican-Fether-Grass-2.jpg
  • wpid-Mexican-Fether-Grass-3.jpg
ther Grass

Gallery – Easter Portraits

I’m trying to take photo’s at least every other day and put a blog post on my website.  On Easter Sunday, I set up the Studio Lights and a White Muslin background to take these Photo’s.  The Photo’s with the Bright White background, actually used a Strobe light directly behind the subject.  This will make the white background very white and bright.  I have read that this helps give photo’s that Glamor look that you see in Magazines.  If you don’t use a back lit background, then the White will start to look Gray.  You will see that many of the other photos have this look.

So simple rule to remember, White Background + Strobe = White Background, White Background – Strobe = Gray Background.  If you use a color Gel in front of the Strobe, then the white background will get this color.

Please enjoy these photos!

  • Deanna & Jillian 2011-11
  • Deanna & Jillian 2011-12
  • Deanna & Jillian 2011-18
  • Deanna & Jillian 2011-2
  • Deanna & Jillian 2011-23
  • Deanna & Jillian 2011-25
  • Deanna & Jillian 2011-32
  • Deanna & Jillian 2011-37
  • Deanna & Jillian 2011-38
  • Deanna & Jillian 2011-4
  • Deanna & Jillian 2011-5
  • Deanna & Jillian 2011-7
  • Deanna & Jillian 2011-8
  • Jillian - Easter 2011-10
  • Jillian - Easter 2011-11
  • Jillian - Easter 2011-12
  • Jillian - Easter 2011-17
  • Jillian - Easter 2011-3
  • Jillian - Easter 2011-6

Roses – Controlled Lighting

These photo’s were taken in the evening, when I could turn off any external light and all outside light.  I setup a vase of White Roses on our Black Dining Table!  Then I setup a 24X36 Softbox Strobe light and put it up about 8 feet high angled down at a 45 degree angle to the Roses.  In these photo’s I took from many different angles and magnifications.  Additionally, I changed different exposure and Strobe intensity.  using the rear LCD screen on my Nikon D90, I was able to make immediate adjustments to get the effect I was going for.

Plant photography can always be challenging, yet very fun and rewarding.  Almost all the photo’s

had just the right amount of light and angle of light to get the shadow’s or highlights I was looking for.  Once I had my photo’s in Lightroom, I proceeded to look at the composition of the photo and determine how I would crop each photo, based on the background and presentation of the flowers.  For any photographer, these decisions are  your signature!  Many of these photo’s you’ll notice, I applied some Photo Software magic, to soften the photo and either decreases or increase the clarity.  I believe that every photo you take has a story to tell!  One day, I’ll take the best of my work and create a Coffee table book to present this work and then I’ll be ready to tell my story.

Enjoy the photo’s and provide me some feedback and let me know what you think and which one is your favorite.

  • Roses - 2011
  • Roses - 2011-10
  • Roses - 2011-11
  • Roses - 2011-12
  • Roses - 2011-13
  • Roses - 2011-2
  • Roses - 2011-3
  • Roses - 2011-4
  • Roses - 2011-5
  • Roses - 2011-6
  • Roses - 2011-7
  • Roses - 2011-8
  • Roses - 2011-9

Easter Roses

I took some pictures of Roses my wife purchased for Easter.  I decided to take most of my photos with no external lighting, just using long exposure times.  A little bit of Lightroom editing to resolve some White balance issues with a long exposure, brought out colors to the flowers that were close to the original White Rose!  Once of the photo’s uses an external Flash Light showing through a Blue Tequila Bottle I had in the Kitchen to give a blue tint to the light!  Playing with external light and using colored glass, gel’s, or anything else you have around can make for some amazing photography!  It is always fun to explore photography using different lighting.

I believe for this photo shoot, I took about 85 different photo’s with different lighting, exposure time’s, colors, etc. before I selected the best 5 photo’s!

  • Easter Roses
  • Easter Roses-2
  • Easter Roses-3
  • Easter Roses-4
  • Easter Roses-5