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Impromptu Outdoor Spring Photos

The day in Austin, TX was beautiful today, so I thought I would grab the camera, gold light reflector, my daughter and her puppy Bella and take some quick photos.  Of course the trickiest thing when taking photo’s is getting your daughter to choose an outfit.  After about 10 minutes of helping her decide that the blue dress would look best, we proceeded to take some great photo’s.

It’s always a challenge to get both the a puppy and 5 y/o to look at the same time and get some good photos.  You will see I picked the best 12 out of about 50 photo’s that I took.  One downside of taking phto’s outdoors is the squinting, so you have to take a lot of photo’s to find a couple of good ones.  I use the premise, take a lot of quantity to get the one or two quality photo’s.  With DSLR camera’s there isn’t anything to worry about, when you take to many photo’s. They are easily deleted if they weren’t any good.

See the best 12 Photo’s below.

  • Jillian Portrait - Apr 2011-1
  • Jillian Portrait - Apr 2011-10
  • Jillian Portrait - Apr 2011-11
  • Jillian Portrait - Apr 2011-12
  • Jillian Portrait - Apr 2011-2
  • Jillian Portrait - Apr 2011-3
  • Jillian Portrait - Apr 2011-4
  • Jillian Portrait - Apr 2011-5
  • Jillian Portrait - Apr 2011-6
  • Jillian Portrait - Apr 2011-7
  • Jillian Portrait - Apr 2011-8
  • Jillian Portrait - Apr 2011-9

Spring Photos – Using a Gold Reflecter

These Photos were taken using a Gold Reflector to highlight the Subjects faces to fill in the shadows and provide natural Sunlight.

Jillian Portraits

Jillian Portraits, posted with vodpod


Gallery: Jillian Portraits

Portraits of Jillian using a 36 X 24 Softbox!