My name is Dave Larson and I live in Austin, TX near Round Rock.  I started this website to share my experiences and knowledge in Photography.  In this site I will include tips I’ve learned and show you the equipment that I use.  I have done a lot of research and began taking professional quality photos without buying expensive professional photography equipment.  I enjoy taking Portrait Photography, Landscape Photography, and High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography.

Within my website you will see how I built my own studio for taking Professional looking Portrait’s on a budget.  You will also learn how to take better pictures in less than 30 minutes.  Check out my Favorite Photography Websites that have helped me learn to become a better photographer.

Additionally, I have started providing photography services that are affordable.  If you would like a professional photography exprience at a reasonable rate please give me a call.  See my services section to learn more.

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